Photography is something that almost everyone is doing these days - mobile phones, compact cameras and DLSR's. And we love it! The world of photography is now open to everyone, not just in the realm of those who could afford (and understand!) SLR cameras and we're loving the incredible diversity this has created.

Phuket is absolutely inspiring as a photographic subject - the beaches, the flora and fauna, the faces and the culture. And what's more, we've an amazing pool of professional photographers, each an expert in their own area, who love to teach and share their knowledge, tips and tricks.

One of the best parts of our Photography Workshops, Courses and Classes is the encouraging ways and practical frankness of our teachers. All Questions are wanted, welcomed and answered in an understandable way.

So whether you want to untangle the mysteries of your compact camera, learn how to take your DSLR off auto, understand your flash (when to use it or turn it off) or develop your creative and artistic side with photography, we have a class for you!

beginners photography course phuket

Beginners Photography Course

Camera technology has come so far in a short time but many of the fundamentals remain the same. Our Beginners Photography Course is one of the most popular, called for again and again. All cameras welcome!


 Low Light & Flash Photography Workshops

Sun's going down, let the light show begin! We'll show you how and when to use the flash properly, or how to get great photos without it...

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