Being such a unique international community, Phuket is tantalizingly diverse in the cooking styles we have available here! Our cooking classes cover a huge range of flavors, styles and methods. We prefer to not just make the various dishes but also to share knowledge about the cultural aspects too, such as origins, variations according to locations and how to eat them in the correct, local manner.

As some of our most popular classes, the Cooking Workshops are quickly filled with students who thoroughly enjoy creating and dining together, and are always asking for MORE!!

salsa workshop phuket

For the Love of Salsa!

4 fabulous ways to create Salsa and a cool little dip too!  Current Workshop

Super Healthy Family Foods Workshop Phuket

Super Healthy Family Foods

Take out the tough and add in the fun, to creating AMAZING healthy & delicious meals for families! Current Workshop

sticky rice and mango

Thai Desserts

Fresh fruits, coconut milk, floating lotus, bright red rubies! Thai Desserts are even more fun and delicious than the mains, join our classes to learn all about it. Current Workshop


vine leaves Turkish cooking workshop phuket

Turkish Cooking

The amazing aromas, spices and flavors of the Mediterranean... in your kitchen!! We'll show you how in our delicious workshop... Current Workshop

Thai Herbal Drinks

Thai Herbal Drinks

There is real power in these drinks and we're not just talking about the awesome flavors! These Thai herbs are also packed full of health benefits...


Indian Cooking

Indian Cooking



We're always interested to hear from folks who have cooking skills to share! Cajun, Japanese, Spanish, whatever...

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