Clay. Be amazed with what it becomes in your hands...

Phuket is fortunate to have the skills of the highly talented sculptor, Khun Chaianan (Joy) Bumrungchoo. And Oasis ed. Phuket is thrilled that we can bring him together with people keen to learn the art of Sculpting!

Clay is a fabulous medium. Creating sculptures big and small, all it takes is a little imagination and a solid understanding of the basic techniques. This understanding is not something that can be learnt from books or youtube videos. It must be learnt by touch, feel and experience. Each type of clay is different, giving different characteristics of plasticity, malleability and texture. Much like people perhaps?

In our we classes provide everything that you need to get started in your Clay Sculpture journey. Tools, aprons, clay, all are ready and waiting for you. We do have the option for people to buy their own kits and clay to keep as well.

Classes can be arranged for adults and / or kids, in groups big or small.

Clay Sculpture Class Phuket Thailand Art

Current workshops, courses and classes:

Sculpture Club (Weekly) - 1-3pm, Wednesday afternoons at the Oasis ed. Phuket Create Space, Rawai.  *** This class is specifically for adults

Kids Clay Club (Weekly) - 4:30 - 6pm, Tuesdays at the Oasis ed. Phuket Create Space, Rawai *** For kids aged 6 - 12 years old.



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