Art Jams are the latest Craze in Creative Social Fun!

Freestyle Art Jams

Every Monday & Thursday  between 9:30am & 4m our Freestyle Art Jams are set up and ready for you create!

Choose your Creative Kit (Acrylic, Water Colour, Clay or Linocut Printing) and we'll provide a subject for inspiration. Complete this picture with you, a friend, a group of friends! It’s as easy as walk in, pick up a brush / sculpture tool / carving tool and let the creativity flow. No set up. No pack up. And you leave with a fresh new painting for your home.

freestyle art jam Click here for all the details.

Art Jam Parties

Want to create a party that folks will be talking about for months after? Cancel the Ice Sculpture and book an Art Jam! We can create a program to suit the place (or we can host it at The Book Cafe/Oasis ed. Phuket!), the people, the schedule. Memorable? Enjoyable? Entirely. A session of social art fun, in which everyone gets to keep a piece of the Art Jam Party action!

Spontaneous Art Jams

Turn your rainy/boring/unproductive day into one that’s Creative/Inspired/Inspiring/Productive/Memorable!

Ask for a Spontaneous Art Kit and we’ll have you set up in a jiffy with an easel, acrylic paints, palette and brushes. Then once your “work” is done, walk away from the mess with your fabulous new artwork. And a satisified grin. all for just 650 baht per kit

pop up art jamPop Up Art Jams!

Stay tuned for updates as we host Pop Up Art Jam sessions just to shake things up a little!

Perhaps a Jazz Art Jam or a Water Color Jam Session? With each new Art Exhibition our Exhibiting Artist will lead an Art Jam in their own style. Keepin’ it fresh... For regular updates, please subscribe to the Oasis ed. Phuket Newsletter.

Check our facebook events for details about the next Freestyle Art Jam or contact Kez via for all details and bookings.

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